• What is virgin hair? Virgin hair means the hair is chemical–free, unprocessed, natural 100% human hair. 

  • How long can it last? Normally it depends on your method/level of care. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it, depending on maintenance, hair will last 6 months to a year.
    • What type of hair care products should I use? Treat this hair just as if it was your own hair. Use good shampoo and hair conditioner to care the hair. It’s important to keep the hair soft and shiny. We recommend using a deep conditioner on your virgin hair once per week, but avoid using oil or heavy styling products.
        • Can I straighten/style the hair with flatiron/curler? Yes, all hair we sell is virgin hair, so you can straighten/style it with flatiron/curler. It is noteworthy that you need to pay attention to how much heat you put on the hair. Just as your natural hair too much heat can led to hair damage.
          • How many bundles will I need? Depending on how full you want your hair to look, anything over 16" we would recommend purchasing AT LEAST 3 bundles up to 26”. For lengths 16"-26” 3-4 bundles will work out fine for a nice full look. For lengths 28”-30” we recommend 4 or more bundles. Anything over 30” we recommend 5 or more for a nice full look.
            • Is the hair true to length? Yes, hair is measured from weft to tip. For wavy or curly hair, the hair is measured using the pulled/stretched method. Hair length depends on the texture you choose. Straight human hair naturally is longer because it lays completely flat when it’s measured. You measure the length of our curly hair when it is straight because it has more volume for the same weight. The length of our wavy hair texture lies in-between that of the straight and curly.
              • Does this hair shed? Any hair that has been manufactured to be stitched on a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding which is completely normal. Minimum shedding meaning as in the hair will not have a noticeable or huge decrease in its density or volume. Proper care is still strongly recommended to keep hair shedding at the very minimum.
                • Can I color this hair? Yes, this is 100% virgin human hair that is not processed in any way. It has never been bleached or colored, etc. So, yes you are able to dye and bleach this hair as if it were your own. Keep in mind once virgin hair is treated/processed in any way, it is no longer virgin, and therefore we recommend that you color or process your Brazilian hair by a professional.
                  • How many ounces do each bundle weight? The weight varies respectively from 3.2 to 3.5oz. Each bundle is Double Drawn so it is fuller from weft to tip yet maintain a lightweight feel once installed.
                  • Can the weft be cut? Yes, the wefts are strongly reinforced and made by a machine. They can absolutely be cut without unraveling. Although, we do not suggest cutting our weft as that could increase shedding.